What is a Diet?

The secret to a successful diet depends on what we eat every day. What you eat is very important not only for a healthy body, but also for a successful diet and a slim body. However, now that many diet foods are lined up, many people wonder what type of food is the best. Therefore, on this occasion, I will explain in detail the recommended ingredients for dieting.

Generally speaking, many people think of diet as weight loss and weight loss, but the true meaning is a bit different.

What is your original food?

The etymology of diet is said to be Dita, which means lifestyle and way of life in Greek, and diet is said to be a word that expresses how to eat every day. And from here, there are various meanings, and in the New English-Japanese Dictionary, diet is translated as follows.

Daily food (to drink)

What are the precautions when dieting?

Things to keep in mind!.

  • Don’t get too biased towards specific ingredients

There are many dieting methods called diets, but the long-term bias towards certain ingredients causes a nutritional bias.

  • Pay attention when eating

Dinner is especially important. Ideally, do it 3 hours before bedtime or at 8:00 p.m.

  • Find the cause of the diet failure

For those who have failed many times on a diet, self-analyzing the cause of failure is actually the key to success.

  • Exercise that does not cause stress

Exercise doesn’t have to be intense. Instead of taking the elevator, you can replace it with stairs or get off at a station and walk to a station.

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What are the effective nutrients for a diet?

Food contains a variety of nutrients. Basically, it is important to take all the nutrients in a balanced way, but some of them can be expected to have a dietary effect. When dieting, it is recommended to take it consciously.

Dietary fiber

Many people may think of fiber as an anti-constipation measure, but fiber has the ability to cleanse the intestines and regulate the environment of the intestines. A well-organized intestinal environment improves constipation, properly excretes waste products in the body, and loses weight.

Dietary fiber also has the function of suppressing a rapid rise in blood sugar level and can be expected to prevent obesity.


Protein, which is the stuff of the body, tends to be deficient when dieting, but it is one of the nutrients we want you to eat firmly. Insufficient protein can produce new hair and skin, which can lead to hair loss and rough skin. Therefore, to build a strong body, it is necessary to take a good amount of protein even during meals.


Recently, the “sugar restricted diet” and the “carbohydrate free diet” have become popular, and some people may have the image that “diet is not good for sugar”. But that is not the case. Carbohydrates are the nutrients our body needs to produce the energy it needs faster than any other nutrient. Therefore, if the sugar content is limited, the accumulated sugar content in the liver will be used, and the sugar content may be insufficient, and the body may be disturbed.

However, not all sugar is acceptable. Choose good quality sugar, such as brown sugar or honey, while dieting.

Vitamins & Minerals

There are many different types of vitamins and minerals that support your diet. Vitamin (B1, B2, B6, B12), Calcium & magnesium have the function of burning fat. Vitamin B2, vitamin B6, calcium, zinc and chromium help prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. Vitamin (B2, D), Calcium & magnesium have the function of building muscle. Vitamin E and iron have the function of improving blood flow, magnesium, iron, and zinc work to relieve stress.

By limiting your diet while dieting, you tend to be deficient in vitamins and minerals, as well as energy. It is important to take it firmly as this will reduce the efficiency of your diet.

Basing it on the “complete nutrition” staple, which has become a hot topic recently, is also effective.

A complete nutritional staple that allows you to get one-third of the nutrients you need in just one meal. By mixing more than 10 kinds of ingredients, such as whole wheat flour, soybeans, seaweed and chia seeds, we have achieved both deliciousness and high nutritional value, and have obtained nutritional support, muscle training and body makeup for busy people. Widely endorsed as a nutritional support for beauty and health, it is also popular in word of mouth.

List of recommended dietary ingredients

Many ingredients are recommended for dieting. There are several foods that control calories, give you a feeling of hunger, activate metabolism, and facilitate fat burning, and you can eat efficiently by choosing the foods. Why don’t you use the ingredients introduced this time in your eating habits?

Protein-Meat, Seafood & Beans

While dieting, choose a low-fat type or serving of protein. For pork and beef, choose lean parts like fins, peaches, lumens, and tongue, and avoid fatty parts like roses, ribs, and sirloin. The lean part is rich in nutrients like L-carnitine and B vitamins that promote the fat burning effect.

Chicken is low in fat and high in protein, and the most recommended parts are the chicken fillet and the breast. The peach is rich in fat, so it is advisable to avoid overeating. Additionally, lambs are low in calories and rich in L-carnitine, a fat-burning nutrient.

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