Travel Medical Insurance


I’m really looking forward to traveling abroad. However, when you encounter an accident or problem while traveling, painful memories can be heartbreaking.


Therefore, I would like to consider buying travel insurance abroad. It is important to be well prepared so that you can travel abroad with peace of mind.


However, some may wonder if foreign travel insurance is really necessary.


This time, I will explain the problems when traveling abroad, the application of foreign travel insurance, the need for support services for overseas travel insurance, etc.


Think about the need for overseas travel insurance for problematic events!

Many people think that I seldom have problems when I travel abroad. However, in fiscal 2018, the accident rate when travelling abroad was 3.22%.

One in 31 people has some kind of problem.


Let’s take a look at the past and see what’s going on.

:: 1 H.S. Insurance Survey (April 2018-March 2019)

Disease/injury issues

South Korea: fainted and was shot in the head and taken to hospital.

⇒ cost of approximately $28,080

Thailand: I fainted while riding my motorcycle and went to the hospital.

⇒ cost about $11,760

Hawaii: Visit clinics for signs of fever, hacking, runny nose and hunger loss.

The ⇒ about $13,430


Medical expenses are high when visiting a foreign medical institution due to illness or injury. In addition, if the family comes from the countryside for reasons such as hospitalization, the travel and accommodation costs of the family will also be a significant burden.

In foreign countries, due to diet, weather, long-distance travel, jet lag and other reasons, the likelihood of illness is very high. You may also suffer accidental injuries during your trip.


Consider illness and injury when traveling abroad.


Thailand: I was snatched from behind by a motorcycle while walking.

The cost ⇒ approximately $1,880

Spain: Luggage stolen at the airport.

The cost ⇒ about $2,860

Britain: Only wallets were stolen from backpacks in the city.

The ⇒ cost is approximately $382

Theft damage often occurs abroad. Many countries are less secure and vulnerable, especially tourists.

Pickpockets are pickpockets in busy places such as public transport, and pickpockets guard restaurants.

Valuables like wallets are easy to target, so you must be careful.

In addition, the following issues have occurred.

The suitcase left behind by the airline is damaged.

Your rented golf club has been damaged and a claim for damages has been received.

I had to buy clothes because my suitcase was late.

In order to deal with these unforeseen problems, it can be said that travel insurance abroad is necessary.

What is the scope of foreign travel insurance?

What kind of insurance do I get if I have foreign travel insurance?

What kind of insurance do I get if I have foreign travel insurance?

Here are five main types of foreign travel insurance.

Treatment costs

Treatment costs include medical expenses caused by illness or injury while traveling abroad. In addition to medical expenses, this includes the cost of hiring an interpreter for medical care.

The cost of buying my inpatients and the cost of international calls.

Cost of ransom

The cost of the rescue includes travel and accommodation for rescue workers. In particular, if an insured person is hospitalized while traveling abroad, the insurance premium covers travel and accommodation costs.

When the family arrived at the scene from Japan. It also includes the cost of searching and rescuing in the case of the disappearance.


Item damage

If the property is damaged or the goods are damaged due to theft or damage, we will be compensated. Also, if there is negligence (such as misconduct or loss), coverage will not be included.

The target items vary by insurance company. Electronic devices can be optional, so check the details of each insurance company’s important issues.


In terms of liability, you will be compensated if you are liable for damages such as accidental injury or destruction of another person’s property.

For example, you are responsible for accidentally breaking your rented Wi-Fi router and receiving a claim.

Death by injury/ Death from illness

If you travel abroad, you will be compensated if you die of illness or if you die from illness.

In addition to the above, foreign travel insurance covers all kinds of issues that arise during foreign travel, such as compensation in case of aircraft delays.

Insurers have different amounts of coverage and coverage, so think about what kind of coverage you’d need when buying travel insurance abroad. How much reward do I need?

It’s not just compensation!

One of the characteristics of overseas travel insurance is support services. If you have foreign travel insurance, you can get a variety of support in addition to coverage.

An example of a support service.


Cashless Healthcare

It can be used to medical centers due to illness or injury.

Overseas travel insurance usually covers the cost of treatment, but you have to pay temporarily and apply for insurance when you return home. However, with this service, you may feel comfortable receiving treatment even if you have less money.

This is a very reliable service because medical costs abroad are often high.

Applies only to medical institutions affiliated with foreign travel insurance companies.


Support Center

If you are erring overseas, you can consult a support center. We will respond by inquiry 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so it is very convenient.

Support Center Service Details (example)

Providing medical information

Introduction and arrangement of doctors and hospitals

Introduction and disposal of interpreters (at the time of doctor’s treatment)

Stolen or lost programs such as passports, credit cards, etc.

The services offered by each insurance company vary, checking the support details before purchasing travel insurance abroad. If you are using credit card travel insurance overseas, please check the support in advance.


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