Insurance policy


An insurance policy issued at the time of conclusion of an insurance contract. I can see my policy details, but why do I need to buy the insurance first?

This is an important document for testing the signature and content of the contract. Procedures, cancellations and benefits are required.

If you lose your policy, you can contact your insurance company and reissue it in accordance with prescribed procedures, but it is safe to write down your insurance number.

This time, we will discuss the policies issued as proof of the insurance contract between the insured and the insurance company.


What is an insurance policy?

When you enroll in insurance and other financial products, you receive a large number of documents.

With so many documents, some people say, “I don’t know what’s important.” you might want to know. Or “Do you really need this document?”

This time, let’s take a look at the important policies in the insurance contract.

An insurance contract is a document issued by an insurance company to the insured person demonstrating “contract formation” and “contractual content”.

This is a very important document because even if the insurance contract has passed, you can see the contents of the contract at a glance.

In addition, insurance policies are required for a variety of procedures and must be kept in a safe place when receiving insurance benefits. First, let’s take a look at the contents of the insurance contract.


When will the insurance policy arrive?

Once the necessary procedures are completed, the insurance policy will be sent.

If the insurance company approves the three procedures of “submit an application, notify (review) and pay the first premium”, the contract is signed.

After signing the contract, the insurance company will receive your policy, so if you do not receive it, please contact the insurance company.

The date the policy arrives is not the beginning of insurance.

The insurance start date is called the liability start date.

The start date of this responsibility is not the date of arrival of the insurance contract, but the claim will date back to the three dates of “application filing, notification (review) and payment of insurance premiums”.

Therefore, the date the policy arrives or is issued is not the beginning of insurance.

There is a delay between the date of receipt of the insurance contract and the start date of the liability, and when you receive the insurance policy, confirm the start date of the liability.

Some insurance policies, such as cancer insurance, have a certain exemption period (usually 90 days), starting with the liability start date.

I’d like to keep the documents in the insurance policy.

There are some good documents to maintain your insurance policy.

The insurance company clearly states in “Contract” or “Contract Summary (Design Document)” that the insurance contract “markers are for each contract”.

We recommend that you keep a copy of the notification. These documents are the ones you received when you applied.

When you want more information, it may be helpful to be convenient when reviewing insurance policies.

Regardless of insurance, financial instrument brochures tend to be thick and complex, so some people throw them overboard.

However, these documents are important materials that contain the information needed to confirm the contract. Store in a safe place.

Comply with the insurance contract before it expires

An insurance contract is a document required to receive insurance money as proof of contract signature and content. keep it until.

The insurance period expires. When insurance expires, you also need time and insurance cancellation.

In addition, if the insured person is unaware of the facts of the insurance and the family member has insurance, the insurer may know the facts of the insurance and prevent the disclosure of the insurance.

When do I need insurance?


If you print a security number on your insurance policy when you change your address or contract, the process goes smoothly.

In particular, if the name is changed due to a name change, the insurance policy will be reissued and an insurance contract will be required. Documents such as stamp certificates are required, so check with your insurance company in advance.

Cancel insurance

Insurance policies are also required for provisional cancellations. If your contract with your insurance company ends, you will need to return your policy.

When you take out death insurance

If an insured person dies, an insurance policy is also required to receive death benefits. Unless you have a specific reason, it is safe to tell the pensioner of death that you will not miss it.


At the time of receiving mpm insurance

If your insurance expires, you will also need your policy to get expired insurance.

If your values are lost at the time of cancellation or receipt of insurance, or even if you do not have an insurance policy, you will still receive a cancellation refund or mpm insurance in accordance with the prescribed procedure.

However, it may take some time to complete the procedure, so be sure to keep your insurance policy.


What should I do if I lose my insurance policy?

When I review the procedures and review the contents of the insurance, I will say, “I can’t find the insurance policy!”

If your policy is lost, book it with your insurance company.

In addition, we also use contact information, brochures received at the time of conclusion of the contract and contract confirmations that are mailed once a year.

The re-editing procedure is basically performed by the contractor he/she herself.

In irregular situations where you are out of touch for some reason, it is best to check the available methods, as different insurers have different ways to deal with them.


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