Best exercise for Fat Burning


Have you ever noticed that your clothes are tight, your photos are checked, or have gotten a bit fluffy lately?

At that point, fat may have accumulated in the body without knowing it.

So how do you lose fat?

First, let’s understand the types and functions of fat and the mechanism by which it is burned properly.

What is fat?

Have you ever noticed that your clothes are tight, your photos are checked, or have gotten a bit fluffy lately?

At that point, fat may have accumulated in the body without knowing it.

So how do you lose fat?

First, let’s understand the types and functions of fat and the mechanism by which it is burned properly.

Subcutaneous Fat

Fat that accumulates in the subcutaneous tissue just under the skin.

As the amount of subcutaneous fat increases, the abdomen, thighs and buttocks become spongy and can be pinched with the fingers.

It is easier for women to adhere than for men, it protects the uterus from shock and cold and stores nutrition during the lactation period.

Once applied, it is difficult to remove, but since it is just under the skin, a body cream massage can directly stimulate the fat.

Visceral Fat

Fat that sticks to the mesentery (the double membrane that surrounds the small intestine in the abdomen).

Unlike subcutaneous fat, it is deep in the abdomen and cannot be pinched with the fingers.

It is used as a temporary storage of energy and is characterized by the rapid accumulation and elimination of fat.

It is also used as a standard for metabolic syndrome, making it easier for men to ride than women, and increased visceral fat increases waist circumference.

What is fat burning?

When fat increases, the body becomes plump and, if left untreated, fat cells grow larger and larger, leading to obesity and lifestyle-related diseases.

Therefore, if you think you have put on weight, it is important that you act as soon as possible.

So how can you reduce fat?

The answer is that you need to “burn” both subcutaneous and visceral fat to reduce fat.

By exercising, humans can break down fat, burn it, and consume it.

So what is the mechanism for burning fat?

Let’s see the flow.

Fat burning mechanism

Your body needs energy when you exercise

  • “Lipid mobilizing hormone (depokinetic hormone)”, such as norepinephrine and epinephrine, is secreted in the brain.
  • The enzyme “lipase” involved in the metabolism and breakdown of fats is activated.
  • “Lipase” breaks down fat into fatty acids and glycerol and releases it into the blood.
  • Fatty acids are transported to muscles throughout the body and consumed as energy.

Some may ask, “Any exercise is fine?”

Exercise includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is a long-term exercise that brings oxygen to the body and is performed with a relatively light load.

Typical examples are walking, jogging, and swimming.

On the other hand, anaerobic exercise is exercise that does not deliver oxygen to the body and continues to apply a heavy load for a short time.

Examples include strength training, weight lifting, and sprinting.

Of these, aerobic exercise is effective in burning fat.

This is because aerobic and anaerobic exercise use different sources of energy, and aerobic exercise uses mainly fat and sugar, while anaerobic exercise uses sugar.

Since aerobic exercise takes a relatively long time, fat that is slowly broken down and metabolized is suitable as an energy source, but anaerobic exercise requires a large amount of energy instantly, so the sugar stored in the muscle is always stores. It is used as a source energy.

What is good exercise for fat burning?

So what kind of workout should you do to burn fat?

Previously, he said, “aerobic exercise uses fat as an energy source and anaerobic exercise uses sugar as an energy source.” In fact, anaerobic exercise, which is less involved in lipolysis, is also necessary to burn fat.

Strength training itself has little to do with burning fat, but it does have the advantage of strengthening your muscles, increasing your body’s basal metabolism, and increasing the effectiveness of fat burning even when you’re not exercising.

Especially for women with a lot of subcutaneous fat, aerobic exercise and strength training at the same time can be expected to have the effect of moderately tightening and losing weight.

Another thing to remember here is the order in which you exercise.

Which should be done first?

Generally, if your goal is to burn fat, the order of “strength training → aerobic exercise” is said to be good.

So why is strength training effective for burning fat first? The reason is that strength training causes a large amount of “growth hormone” to be secreted into the body.

This growth hormone plays a role in stretching the back of the child’s body, but in the adult body it has the role of strengthening muscles, bones, and skin.

If you do strength training after aerobic exercise, you may have already run out of energy for your aerobic exercise, in which case you can do well with energy-intensive strength training instantly. I cannot.

If you can’t put enough load on your muscles, it’s hard to strengthen them and boost your basal metabolism.

Therefore, it can be said that “strength training-> order of aerobic exercise” is effective for burning fat.

Smooth energy metabolism with brown rice and millet

It can be said that changing the white rice that is usually eaten for brown rice or rice with millet is also effective to burn fat.

The reason is that the vitamin B1 contained in brown rice and rice with millet has the effect of smoothing the energy metabolism.

It also contains a lot of dietary fiber, so it is recommended for diets that delay sugar absorption and soften defecation.

Take ingredients that are effective for fat burning

Drinking a lot of peppers and spices can make you sweat. That proves that fat burning is accelerating in the body. Of course, incorporate these ingredients into your daily diet to burn fat.

Drink as much water as possible

Some people may think that “drinking water makes the body bloat” and “fat”. However, in reality, the body is known to swell when water intake is low.

Also, if you drink enough water, your body’s basal metabolism will increase and fat burning will progress even more. Of course, if you drink too much, your internal organs will tense up and your body may get cold. Try to drink as much water as possible, such as “get moisturized before your throat dries up” and “always have a water or plastic bottle nearby and get used to drinking little by little.”


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